The Game Plan

Are you ready to get in the game?

Fall 2017 Class Schedule

All classes are from 12:00-2:00 pm in The Gathering Room.

07/23/17- Pre-season- Jeff Bigelow. If you are brand new to Rolling Hills, we want to invite to join us today for this “Pre-Season” Game Plan class is designed specifically for you. Come hear about the heart of Roll Hill, and how you can be part of all God’s doing here! 

9/24/17 - "Getting on the Field" - understanding Jesus and how to become a Christian - Jeff Bigelow

10/8/17 - "Joining the Team" - membership and church values - Jeff Bigelow

10/22/17 - "Moving Down the Field" - spiritual disciplines and deepening your faith - Rob Phillips

11/5/17 - "Playing your Position" - spiritual gifts and serving - Kathleen Barnett

11/19/17 - "Scoring to Win" - evangelism - Ron Simms


Typical agenda:

Game time 12:00

Kickoff overview of the series and the class 12:05

Class content 12:10 - 12:55

Half time break 12:55 - 1:05

Second half class content 1:05 - 1:50

Game summary/next game 1:50

Game over 2:00