Parent Equipping  Night

Roll Hill Kids Ministry offers Parent Equipping Nights twice year to learn tips that will help us become better, more effective parents.  

Our next seminar is Sunday, November 12 (4-6 p.m.), Monday, November 13 (6:30-8:30 p.m.) Free childcare available.

A four-hour seminar led by Pastor Jeff Bigelow

8 Tough Questions Parents Must Answer!

In today’s complex and ever-changing world, how do Christ followers address a culture that aggressively questions the Christian worldview? How do parents respond to their college student who comes home on break and announces that Christianity is based on faith not on fact, and therefore is unreliable? A mere “family faith” will not sustain them through the hostile confrontations they will face. We need a more robust and thoughtful basis for our faith!  

1.  Isn’t Christianity based on faith instead of facts?

2. What is truth, and can I know it with certainty?

3. How could anyone really know if God exists?

4. Isn’t the Bible full of inaccuracies and myths?

5. Wasn’t Jesus just a great and good man?

6. Hasn’t science made Christianity obsolete

7.  Isn’t it arrogant to believe there is one way to heaven?

8. Why would a good God allow suffering?

This two-night, four-hour seminar led by Pastor Jeff Bigelow

Sunday, November 12 (4-6 pm)

Monday, November 13 (6:30-8:30 pm)

The Gathering Room (behind the Roll Hill Café)