Our leadership team

The Leadership Team functions as the Board of Directors for this Church. They oversee strategic, financial and legal matters of the church and assist the Lead Pastor in setting the vision of the church. The Lead Pastor appoints a Leadership Team of persons he determines have the spiritual maturity and wisdom to help him effectively guide our church. 

Contact the Leadership of Rolling Hills here  

  • Scott Bischoff

  • Ron Simms

  • Becky Nicholas

  • Bill Bollengier

  • Jenn Geeting


  • Jonathan hansen

Elder Team

The Elders are the Spiritual Shepherds of our church. They are selected by the Lead Pastor and fellow Elders. They provide spiritual and pastoral guidance for our staff and congregation. You can contact them here.

  • Mike Whalen

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  • Marc Palos

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  • Jim Shuler

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  • jonathan hansen

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