Celebrate Recovery




What we do

CR can help you get your life back.

Whether you deal with fear, worry, or anxiety; are sick and tired of waking up with emotional or physical hangovers; or if you say "yes" when you need to say "no" Celebrate Recovery has been helping millions.

What to expect

It is a safe place and is a proven process that is based on Jesus' teaching, known as The Sermon on the Mount.

You will find hope for going forward, tools to help you live well, help in the form of honest friendships, and a community of men and women committed to overcoming hurts, habits, and hangups that hold us back.

Whatever it is you are looking for CR can help you find it by working the 12 Steps and applying the 8 Principles.

How it works

Millions have found the weekly CR meeting to be the starting point.  Our weekly meeting is Monday nights. It starts off with an optional meal followed by a Large Group time of worship, teaching, and testimonies by people who are truly making progress.

Following the Large Group time we have Small Groups for Newcomers to answer your questions and let you know more about how it works.  We have Small Groups, we call them "Open Groups" for men and women with a focus on substance, sexual purity, and co-dependency.

At the end of the evening we meet in the coffee shop for the Solid Rock Cafe; a place to meet and greet over coffee and food.

Monday Nights

5:45 pm - CR Dinner ($5) on the first Monday of the month

6:30 pm - Worship, Teaching & Testimonies

7:30 pm - Small Groups

8:30 pm - Solid Rock Cafe (Fellowship, coffee & dessert)

Childcare available for Infants thru the 5th grade at no charge, yet we appreciate knowing the ages and number of children you plan to bring in order for us to provide adequate care. Please rsvp your childcare needs HERE


Jason Bergh (916)607-2634